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MarCare Clinic, We Care

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At MarCare Clinic, We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of health care.

Our compassionate doctor and friendly staff are here to serve you better


MarCare Clinic, Hamilton, the newest state of the art walk in clinic

Why Choose MarCare Clinic?

Old hand

Every year, more than a thousand people come to MarCare Clinic for care. Our expert doctors are profoundly experienced in nursing and treating rare and complex conditions.

The right treatment

Getting effective treatment depends on identifying the problem in the right way. In a recent study, nearly all the patients who came to MarCare Clinic for a second opinion received a new or refined diagnosis.

Additional care

At MarCare Clinic, every aspect of your care is coordinated. The teams of experts work together to provide exactly the care you require. A disease that might take months elsewhere can be done in days here.

Nonpareil expertise

Mar Clinic experts are some of the best in Canada. In Canada, our quality care and expertise places us among the top clinics, MarCare Clinic is consistently ranked among the top Clinic in the nation.

MarCare Clinic ‘WE CARE’ for you

  • Short Wait Times
  • Professional Health Services
  • Convenient Location
  • Walk-In Clinic & Pharmacy at the same location
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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, Call 911