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Family Doctor

Dr. Saied Tadros is Our Family Doctor

Walk in Clinic

Walk in Clinic in Hamilton - We recommend a pre-booking

Total Health Pharmacy

Pharmacy Hours from: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

Clinic Hours

Monday to Wednesday
10 AM to 4 PM


289 389 7797

Pharmacy phone

905 525 5422

Flu Shots at our Medical Clinic in Hamilton

Getting ready for winter season!

Protect your self and your family..

Flu Shots are now available in both high and regular does at MarCare clinic

Walk in Doctor Experience

Dr. Saied Tadros is a Doctor in Hamilton profoundly experienced, providing the highest level of health care.

The Right Treatment

Getting effective treatment depends on identifying the problem in the right way.

Additional Care in Marcare Clinic

Every aspect of your care is coordinated. Our team of experts works together to provide the care you require.

Nonpareil Expertise

Our experts are the best in Hamilton. Providing the utmost care & quality resulting in the best treatment .

MarCare Clinic, Family Doctor you can trust.
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We are a walk-in clinic and family practice, located in Hamilton.

Our mission is to offer the best possible medical service to our patients. We operate with a unique approach to health care that allows our patients to receive the best possible quality of healthcare.

We Provide Best Healthcare Services

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have.

Walk in Clinic Near Me.

We operate with a unique approach to health care that allows our patients to receive the best possible quality of healthcare.

One of the most respected clinics in Hamilton. Our mission is to provide better care to all our patients, with the best medical attention, with one of the best Doctors in Hamilton.

At Marcare clinic we pride ourselves in providing professional, high quality medical care. Our doctors will handle all your medical concerns from minor to urgent matters. This includes, but not limited to routine immunizations, work related physical exams, treatment of skin cuts, warts and minor wounds, physical examination, etc.

We minimize wait time as much as possible while providing professional medical services. Our walk-in clinic location provides easy access to all patients. Please simply walk in or call us to book your appointment.

Hamilton Medical Attention

You are always welcome to walk-in, however, to avoid longer wait time, its advisable to make an appointment. call us now!

Dr. Saied Tadros

A Clinic Near Me That Is Open Today

We are the best Hamilton walk-in clinic open from Monday to Wednesday, there is no better option but us. The best medical attention service in all the area is waiting for you.

Do you need the most medical care without an appointment?  In MarCare Clinic we are here for you.

No appointment is required in the best Walk-In Medical Clinic in Hamilton. But it’s preferred if you want to shorten your wait time.

No appointments are required, but it’s preferred!

Walk In Clinic and Family Doctor Services

Our Walk In Clinic With less Wait Times

Our centre open

From Monday to Wednesday 10 AM – 4 PM

Our Family Medical Centre is one of the most trusted clinics near you and is open today!

Hamilton Walk in Clinic Care

We are providing the most prompt medical attention for the people who can not wait any longer, and they are not available to reach their own family doctor in Hamilton. Our Walk in Clinic is not requiring appointments.

As one of the best and most trusted health care clinic, we are proud to say that we have the highest satisfaction rate for our services in Hamilton.

We ensure you that you will be in the best hands with our walk-in doctor.

If you are wondering which walk in clinics near me are open or which one is close to me ? MarCare Family Clinic is the answer!